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The First Full Avengers Trailer and Analysis (May, 2012)

October 11, 2011

Rage can attest to how I literally screamed, “Holy F***!” In the theater after Captain America when they showed the first Avengers Teaser.

Hold on, since I first started writing this post I’ve watched the trailer 7 more times I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked and completely bias. What gets me though isn’t the massive scale explosions or the witty dialogue but the care it looks that they’ve put into a plot. Now I know that can seem a bit naive because it is, after all, just a trailer, however if you look a bit deeper in it there’s so many different story lines that come up. Let us count.

1: In this group of Avengers they’re all super-powered in one way or another and each have egos that coincide; this is obviously going to play a large role when considering Cap and Tony’s stare and when Tony completely obliterates Cap. Beyond that we can see Thor, in his charming as ever laughter, agreeing with Tony. You can begin to see how these egos are melding together and clashing at certain points.

2: Loki as the main villain. OK, not revolutionary and we’ve known this for quite some time, but it’s ramifications are impressive. First of all this puts the most powerful member of the Avengers, Thor, into a personal battle. Thor doesn’t want to kill Loki and it may pit him against the other Avengers to save Loki’s life which I’m assuming is sparking the scene where we see Thor about to smash the Cap’s shield. This also puts two geniuses in one room as we’ve heard about in D23 footage where Tony Stark and Loki are talking about the big green Monster in the room: Hulk. This could really play Loki and Tony against each other or to work together, although taking from the trailer if they do it breaks apart but none-the-less it’s probably going to be some of the finest acting in the film as these are your two strongest actors.

3: Kicking down the focus on Hawkeye and Black Widow. ScarJo’s hot and we’ve all loved the nudes but she was a tad bit pointless in the last Iron Man and I feel she’s going to play the exact same role here. Am I mad about this? Hell to the no. The minor characters are what allow the bigger characters to have the grand fights. Her and Hawkeye, along with Mr Fury possibly, are going to be the ‘lets go hack computers and get past guards crew’ which is what they do in comics and, if done correctly, will help move the movie along in a somewhat believable way. I trust Joss Whedon’s skill and ability to bring out some character in them to not just have them as flat background characters.

4: The big green problem in the room: The Hulk. They’re showing a tad bit more and more of him as we get to the main trailers and his CGI does look impressive (although I never doubted it would disappoint) but Mark Ruffalo is the new kid in a room full of actors that have already had 2+ Hours to gain fans appreciation and respect. While Ruffalo himself is an impressive, celebrated actor (and an alma matter of my highscool) he doesn’t have the clout to come into this group. However this may be for the best as The Hulk is the individual who has the last amount to gain from joining the avengers. The Hulk is the outcast and the problem, especially when we see how Tony Stark reacts to him. His placement in this film makes it more complicated but all the same provides new alleyways to explore all of the characters and how they interact. The Hulk could also freak out and The Avengers may have to stop him, which is an entire commentary on power that could be subtly played towards the end of the film (something I would also love).

I can’t say enough about how excited I am for this movie and this trailer brings me great faith that it’s going to be nothing short of pure awesome. Got any comments or suggestions? I haven’t read the comics so I may be completely off base and feel free to correct me!

Now all together:


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