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Skullgirls Feature

February 5, 2012

An up and coming game I’ve  mentioned on our podcast before is almost here. With no legit release date, Skullgirls is shaping up to be serious contender in the fighting game community. I wont got over every little aspect of this game just yet…. my shit needs to be prefect. What I DO have for you here is a link to the PlayStation blog where Designer/Producer/Community Manager Peter Bartholow of Reverge Labs gives a look at the game mode features. Skullgirls will have the standard Arcade Mode, along with Ranked and Unranked online matches. Since the start, the developers have promise a robust Story and in depth Tutorial mode — Both are modes in fighting games are usually neglected or don’t really cater to new players. I almost as excited for the solitary Tutorial mode as I am for just the fighting itself. Right is the link to The PlayStation Blog. I’m adding a video of GameSpot’s Mark Walton and Danny O’Dwyer playing a alpha build of Skullgirls. Be sure to check back soon as I’llbe giving an in-depth preview of the game soon.


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