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Dead or Alive 5 Official Trailer

June 6, 2012

In a world of many different genres of games, fighting games have some of the most critical of fans. Make a fighting game too accessible, and your hardcore fans will show no love. Amp up the difficulty, and expect to see your game on the used shelf of the local game store. What’s true for all games is developers need to have balance if they expect to bring back fans after years of waiting for the next game and possess enough wow to bring newcomers in. While I may have be mostly disappointed in a particular crossover fighter earlier this year… I am REALLY putting all my hopes and wishes into Dead Or Alive 5. As one of the first fighting games I took seriously, the Dead or Alive series has been a silent giant on the Xbox. But enough out my love affair with DoA, here we have the official E3 trailer. This trailer is also the confirmation that Virtua Fighter character Sarah Bryant will be a guest character. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more.

UPDATED: Since one trailer is enough, how about some combo exhibition combined with some matches? You can also visit IGN DoA Stream on as the showcase matches and tournaments from Dead or Alive 5.

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