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OUYA: A New Home Console

July 11, 2012

Technology moves forward every day. The gaming industry has seen huge changes in terms of innovation. Apps on consoles, live TV, controllers with touch screens and the exclusion of controllers all together. Now,  the future is coming. OUYA is coming.

Reminds me of an Gamecube dipped in adamantium.

OUYA is a Android powered, hackable home console. The developers behind OUYA have created a console not to compete with the big wig systems, but to give the independent game makers a chance to reach the masses. Games on the OUYA will be free to play. For gamers, this means most games will have demos or  free games with unlockable content at a price. As for developers, this will give them the ability to set there own prices. OUYA will be fully hackable from day one. Techs devs can utilize the USB and Bluetooth to create their own peripheral. OUYA will sport the Tegra3 core processor, 1 GB RAM, and 8GB of internal flash storage. All OUYA’s will use wireless controllers with two analog stick, dpad, 8 button layout, a system button and a touchpad. Not bad for a console with a price tag of $99?

While there is no set release data for the OUYA, it’s expected for March 2013.  Kickstarter is behind the funding for the project, where people can donate to the project. Pledge 10 bucks, you’ll secure your own username early. Pledge $99 or more and you’ll get one of the OUYA before it hits the market. Originally, the developers were asking for $950,000 as a goal, of which they had $25,000 this morning. As of now… the project has already raised nearly $2 million dollars in 24 hours. The buzz around this system is swarming with games dev from all over itching to produce games for the OUYA. Be sure to check out their home site for more information and even donate if your up to it. Stay tuned for more news.

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