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(Update) Warner Bros. seeking Ben Affleck to Direct Justice League

August 8, 2012

(Update: For what has to be the fastest traveling news ever, Earlier today it was announed that actor/director Ben Affleck was in running to star and helm Justice League for WB and DC comics. Well this is no longer the case in fact the Oscar winning director is no longer in the running  to helm Justice League nor star in the movie. What also interesting is that now Harry Potter director David Yates is now in the running to helm uJustice League. It seems someone needs to get their affairs on order before jumping the gun on potential news.)

In what has to be the most, shocking newsworthy reports today, Variety reported that The Town and the upcoming Argo actor Director Ben Affleck, may direct and potentially co-star in the highly anticipated DC comic team up movie. Now the reason it’s also being reported that he could potentially star in Justice League is because he only direct movies that he can star in them. So far Affleck is the only director who’s seen the Justice League script, written by Gangster Squad writer Will Beall.

Now if Ben Affleck does go through with staring/directing Justice League there’s a chance of it being fasted track to shoot for a 2015 release, which also will go against Joss Whedon’s Avengers 2. Now Affleck isn’t a stranger to superhero films, he did star as the title character Daredevil in the 2004 film and as George Reeves/ Superman in Hollywoodland, but he didn’t direct those two movies. Though if Warner’s was smart they should hold off on fast tracking Justice League so they can get an actual 2015 release date, in hopes of beating Avengers 2 in the box office.

Since Marvel Studios Avengers has achieved over 600 million worldwide since it’s May 4th release it was only a matter of two months for Warner Bros. to finally greenlight a Justice League movie. Now it is very interesting to see which JLA lineup they’re planning on using or if Man of Steel’s Henry Cahvill would be returning to reprise his roll as Superman.


Maybe he can be Batman?

(Source: Variety, Photo: Newsarama)

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