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Top 10 Comic Books of The Last Decade (10-6)

August 26, 2012

Comic books are an ever-changing landscape, over the last three years comic books crossed into the digital age, writers are now doing “creator own” stories, and major companies like Marvel and DC looking at the independent writers to help re-invigorate their already stellar characters and stories.  From 2000 to 2010 ushered in new comic books and they ranged from: Vikings, Vampires, Mayor posing as a superhero, zombies, robots, fairy tales creatures in the real world. There is plenty of comics to choose from but, only ten I feel made any real significance to comics in general, be its the story, the art or the fact that writers still have the creative fortitude to come up with epic tales and memorable characters that may not be world-famous, but either way still greatest.

(NOTE: This list is comprised by one nerd, also on this said list two writers will appear on this list twice.)

10. Atomic Robo (First appearance October 2007)

Created by 8-Bit Theater’s Brian Clevinger and his long time Atomic Robo artist Scott Wegener. This gist of Atomic Robo is that Atomic was created by Nikola Tesla in 1923 as the world’s first fully sentient A.I. (artificial intelligence) What makes Atomic awesome and worthy of being on this list, is that his team the Action Scientist (yes that’s a real name) employed by Tesladyne, think the T.V. show Fringe but more funny. I feel this series is a great jumping on point for anybody that wants to read or get into reading comic books. Red 5 the publisher of Atomic Robo is also known for creator own series and creating in-house comic books that actually let the creators keep their intellectual properties.

9. Ex Machina (First published by Wildstorm in 2004)

Brian K. Vaughan’ story of Mitchell Hundred also known as The Great Machine, was at its core a very political comic book series that ended in August of 2010. The basic premise is that we’re following Hundred’s adventure as not only a costume superhero (with awesome super powers, in my opinion being able to speak to a gun is awesome.) and his political career as the mayor of New York city. Brian K. Vaughan is always known for creating these complexly “love them or hate them” characters and there’s a lot of reason for me to hate Mitchell Hundred, but that would take up too much of this article. Though is actions are noble his adventures is what drew me to this series, granted the final issue was published back in 2010 you should really go out to your local bookstore and look for trades of this series, its worth the read.

8. Northlanders (First published August 2008)

File:Northlanders -1.png

Northlanders, yes this is a viking comic book but an awesome viking comic book series. Written by Brian Wood, what makes Northlanders a unique comic book and very excellent series is that, 1. different artists were used for different issues. 2. There’s always an alternate story, meaning there was side stories besides the main arc. With only 50 issues under its belt, the final issue was published on April 12th of this very year. Northlanders is a comic that should not be left on the shelf collecting dust.

7. Y: The Last Man (First Published July 17, 2002)

I have a very love hate relationship with Brian K. Vaughn’s (Also the second time I’m mentioning him) and Artist Pia  Guerra’s tale of the only living male and his pet monkey Ampersand. Not to spoil the series as a whole, but man from the time our only male survivor Yorick has dealt with crazy men hating lesbians, who also cut off their left breast. Then you had women who wanted to use Yorick as a sex slave or just lops off his parts, pretty much anyone that was traveling with Yorick was a complete target. Also don’t get me started on the ending!

6. Scott Pilgrim Volumes 1-6 (Published in 2004 By ONI Press)


Before you kill me for picking this, think just for a minute Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series is the most well-rounded comics ever. O’Malley balances: Romance, action, references to popular bands, drama and the power of friendship. Do you know any other comic book out there right now that doing the same? I’ll wait.

Well that’s 10 through 6, let’s summarize shall we? At 10 we have a talking robot, at 9 we have a Mayor who just so happens to be a superhero. At 8. VIKINGS!!!!, 7. A man who’s living every man’s fantasy and finally at number 6. We have a hero who need’s to learn the power of lesbians…..I mean “love”.

Check back here at Talkin That S#!T! for the final five comic books that made this past decade awesome.


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  1. August 27, 2012 9:10 AM

    Seems I have a lot of reading to do this week.

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